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Nutritional Therapist
Metabolic Health Coach

Hello, I'm Ali,


I want to help you feel energised and vibrant.

Are you

  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 

  • Finding it difficult to lose weight, especially around your middle?

  • Feel like you are on a merry-go-round of cravings and hunger?

  • Or perhaps your GP has told you that you need to go on medication for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol?

Dare to dream

  • If you had more energy, what would you do, or plan? Would you run around after your your kids/grandkids, or book an adventure holiday?

  • What difference would weight loss make in your life? Have you seen a beautiful dress, or a pair of skinny jeans?

  • If you were a happy weight, what would you do/think/feel, that you don't feel able to now? Would you feel more confident walking into a party, or go for that amazing job?

  • If you were well, how would you feel or look? Glowing skin, sleeping well, not getting every infection that goes round?

Feeling well and energised is absolutely within your reach, and you don't need to starve yourself to get results. Satiety is key! Nor does it need to involve revolting kale smoothies! Does anyone actually enjoy them?

I understand that changing your eating and lifestyle habits can be daunting, especially when cravings and appetite control your life, but I’m committed to coaching  and supporting you through these obstacles.  My approach is empathetic, nurturing, and completely tailored to your unique needs.   


There are two ways to work with NutritionAli:  If you are ready to get cracking straight away, then head over to my booking page on the menu above, where you can choose a package and book a date.  If you are unsure if nutritional therapy is right for you, then click on the link below, fill out a brief questionnaire and I'll contact you to arrange an informal chat.

"Ali will always be a super hero to me and my family. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17 and I am currently 33. My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 12 years. BMI is a big problem when trying to receive fertility treatments with the NHS. One of the side effects of PCOS is retaining weight. I had tried all the standard diets and had some success but it didn’t get me anywhere near where I needed to be to receive treatment. I had felt I had run out of options so I started only eating 1 meal a day and a tin of beans . Again this only got me so far and not near my goal. I wasn’t at the weight level I could have IVF but I could start clomid. I managed to conceive on clomid but sadly lost the baby. My husband and I decided to go back to the drawing board, after much discussion we knew we needed a professional. We agreed I had done all I could on my own. That is when Ali came into our story. Ali listened to what we needed and what we had been through. She made me a 4 week meal plan that I could eat 3 meals a day with snacks. It was music to my ears not to be hungry all the time. She made me a diet that I could eat and still lose weight. It was bliss. I managed to lose enough weight to start IVF. We are currently at this moment 14 weeks pregnant with our first successful pregnancy. Ali has been such an instrumental part of our journey. We never would have had IVF without her and her expertise. She is kind, understanding, supportive and amazing. She is 100% the type of person you want in your corner when you need help. I would recommend her to anyone. For whatever reason you are looking for a nutritionist you will have found the right person in Ali"      SB, Swindon

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