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Hello, I'm Ali,

a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and specialist in metabolic health.  I support people who are struggling with issues such as fat loss, blood sugar balance and diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and dyslipidaemia. My focus is on your long-term wellness, rather than another failed diet attempt.  Let's live in the real world.  Diets don't work, they just serve to make you feel guilty for not being able to stick to them.

I am a person-centred nutritionist. I don't point fingers and make you feel bad about yourself.  I acknowledge and work with your individual needs and goals, in an empathetic and nurturing way. 

Together we take one step at a time, with weekly online coaching, guidance and support.  Starting with a full assessment of health and potential nutritional imbalances from your current diet and lifestyle, your history and genetics.  I provide you with personalised recommendations, and cut through any confusing messages you may have received about nutrition, then I put together individually tailored meal plans, based on your likes and dislikes, complete with recipes and shopping list.


In short, I'm here to help you emerge a healthier, happier and more energetic version of you. 

No matter how difficult your health journey has been so far, there is always hope. Taking that first step is the hardest. 

Click on the link below and Get in touch! x

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