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What clients say about NutritionAli...

Weight Loss

"Ali will always be a super hero to me and my family. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17 and I am currently 33. My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 12 years. BMI is a big problem when trying to receive fertility treatments with the NHS. One of the side effects of PCOS is retaining weight. I had tried all the standard diets and had some success but it didn’t get me anywhere near where I needed to be to receive treatment. I had felt I had run out of options so I started only eating 1 meal a day and a tin of beans . Again this only got me so far and not near my goal. I wasn’t at the weight level I could have IVF but I could start clomid. I managed to conceive on clomid but sadly lost the baby. My husband and I decided to go back to the drawing board, after much discussion we knew we needed a professional. We agreed I had done all I could on my own. That is when Ali came into our story. Ali listened to what we needed and what we had been through. She made me a 4 week meal plan that I could eat 3 meals a day with snacks. It was music to my ears not to be hungry all the time. She made me a diet that I could eat and still lose weight. It was bliss. I managed to lose enough weight to start IVF. We are currently at this moment 14 weeks pregnant with our first successful pregnancy. Ali has been such an instrumental part of our journey. We never would have had IVF without her and her expertise. She is kind, understanding, supportive and amazing. She 100% the type of person you want in your corner when you need help. I would recommend her to anyone. For whatever reason you are looking for a nutritionist you will have found the right person in Ali" SB, Swindon

"Dear Alison, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to lose my first 20lbs.

I love the new me and I love you for helping me" MT, Swindon


I initially reached out to  Alison to assist with my daughter for nutritional advice  with her thyroid condition and stomach issue. I saw such significant improvements to her overall health, I reached out to help with some concerns of my own. I had been living with a range of conditions which I thought were age related and just something I had to live with. My first consultation with Alison was very in-depth, she asked lots of historic questions and really touched upon conditions that I was just resided myself to live with. One of those health condition was costing me £30 a month to manage, this had been the case for around 15+years. With Alison’s assistance I am no longer suffering with that condition. She is continuing to help me with some auto immune problems, but already I have seen vast improvements. She is always available to seek advice from and nothing is too much trouble. Alison is such a caring and helpful professional whom I would highly recommend.

High Blood Pressure

"Ali helped me tackle my high blood pressure and recent weight gain with an easy to follow plan.  It wasn't difficult to put into practice, as she only included foods I like and can prepare easily" BH, Swindon


"Ali was a godsend when we really needed some help and advice to assist my eldest son with his energy levels in the lead up to and during his GCSE’s. His disabilities mean that getting through a normal school day/term can be exhausting but simply eating more was not an option. She listened to our aims and considered not only the needs of my son, but the dietary preferences and time restrictions of the whole family so we got a plan that worked for us all. Most importantly it has worked, and I can’t believe the way it has enabled him to power through this period of education that I expected to leave him beyond exhausted before he was even starting on his exams. Not only that, but Alison’s advice and recommendations have enabled us to learn lost of tricks to improve all our diets and discover that there is more to his exhaustion than we previously realised so there should be long term benefits beyond what we were looking for. Thanks Alison".  HF, Swindon

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

" I wanted a  vegan diet which would also assist with my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, plus support a new exercise regime.  With Ali's help and support, not only have my symptoms reduced, but I have just achieved my first half-marathon". KS, Swindon

Eat & Learn Workshop

Dear Ali, thank you very much for a wonderful meal experience.  I think both the food and the interaction were outstanding.  The way you teach about food are very inspiring.  Hope I could have another opportunity to talk and learn more. B, Swindon

Thank you so much for an amazing evening.  You made us all feel very comfortable and enjoyed very much the healthy and tasty food, plus learning lots about nutrition.  It definitely was a great night, great friends, great food.  Looking forward to the next one. P, Swindon

Dear Ali, thanks a lot for your time, advice and delicious supper. Healthy can be tasty.  You proved it. Love the flavour combinations and the way you teach about food. M, Swindon

Nutrition & Cookery Workshop

“Fantastic, really enjoyed it. She’s so thorough, professional and knowledgeable.  I can’t fault it – lovely meeting these ladies.

Loads of flavours I have never had before. Only vegan in the house so it is great to be able to come here and try all these things.

Would be too scared to try this on my own! I’m not adventurous enough to try things on my own

– I would be able to give this a go now.” CS, Swindon

“I heard about the course through Facebook.  The course today has been brilliant, really relaxed and friendly.

I had the opportunity to make things I hadn’t tried before.  All the food was really tasty and you had lots of really great nutritional

information. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and I would highly recommend it.” LP, Swindon

“I am a junk food vegan and a lazy cook! I saw Alison’s course advertised on Facebook and came along slightly nervous,

but Alison put us at ease immediately.  Using ingredients I already have in the cupboard (but too scared to use), we made some

lovely recipes. Cheese dip made with cashews, almond milk, pesto, pizza. All cruelty free!

Alison was also very knowledgeable about the nutritional value of what we were making.  She was also truthful about not being a

vegan herself, which I appreciated.  I would definitely recommend this course.” LM, Swindon

“Amazingly flavoursome food, so easy to prepare,  especially if you have a liquidiser or food processor. Introduced some key

ingredients that you will use every day, so there’s no wastage on your initial outlay.  Loads of nutritional advice and correcting

some false assumptions about nutrition, so you get the best out of the food types you buy.” MT, Swindon

And More...

Premenstrual Syndrome

"I knew what a healthy diet should consist of and I've always been very active, but I had recurring anaemia and a hormonal imbalance.  Ali showed me which foods suited my body and helped me tackle my health issues with an achievable dietary plan".  LM, Swindon

Immune System and Asthma

" I consulted Alison as I had been experiencing a number respiratory infections and really wanted to gain some control over what I was experiencing as opposed to being merely reliant on medications. What impressed me the most was the depth of Alison's knowledge in the underlying causes to my health problems. After an in depth consultation, she devised me a nutritional program that was realistic, affordable and most importantly fitted with my life style. The result ... I  enjoying having more energy and trying the delicious    recipes Alison devised for my meal plans. A big Thank you Alison"    AW, Swindon

Sports Nutrition

"I was training hard for an event and could not maintain my weight.  I had no energy.  Ali gave me clear and professional advice and I was able to gain weight and my energy has returned".  KD, Swindon


"I booked an appointment with Alison because of major problems with my skin. Alison adjusted my diet quite drastically (which needed to be addressed anyway), and educating me on what foods would be beneficial for me to eat. Within a month I'd seen drastic improvement of my skin and not only that, I had much more energy in my daily life and found getting out of bed much easier! 
I would highly recommend Alison. She's kind, goes well above and beyond and gets results! Thanks Alison!" MP, Swindon

Corporate Talks

"I didn’t actually give you my feedback but I thought she was fab! Really good approach, she was personable and so well informed. Felt inspired to think about my food choices and I’m actually thinking of seeing her for some 121 advice.

 Thanks for organising, I love we work for a company where we value this important stuff" HM, Swindon

"I have had such great feedback from several people around the business and a request for you to return again in the future" KJ, Swindon

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