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As a registered nutritional therapist and metabolic health coach, with over 30 years experience of caring for people, I don't just give you a list of instructions on what to eat and how to live.  I hold your hand throughout, giving you practical, achievable solutions to find your way out of the dark tunnel, to brighter beginnings.


You've struggled for too long!

I have first hand experience of what it feels like to be vastly overweight with health suffering as a result.  To be constantly preoccupied with the next meal or snack, and hunger signals out of control.  I also know that it doesn't have to be that way and the popular myth to eat less and move more, is just that.  An unreachable myth, because if you don't tackle hunger, whatever diet you go on will be unsustainable.


I spend time getting to know the real you and the hopes and dreams that you are too afraid to voice, because you think they are unreachable.

I find out what is really important to you and we work out a way of achieving it.

I validate previous painful experiences, and help you put an end to nagging symptoms and ill health. How often have you been gaslit that it's all in your mind, or your fault?

I help you optimise your diet, to provide all the nutrients your body needs to heal and repair and most importantly, you will not feel hungry!

It's time to heal.

Just one point, as a vegan diet is very low in essential nutrients, it makes getting well very difficult.  I am therefore no longer prepared to coach people who are vegan or strict vegetarian. I'm so sorry, but it would be setting us both up for failure and I have to be honest with you.


"Ali is kind, understanding, supportive and amazing. She is 100% the type of person you want in your corner when you need help. I would recommend her to anyone. For whatever reason you are looking for a nutritionist, you will have found the right person in Ali"     SB, Swindon

What can you do today, to improve your health?

Find and cook from raw, natural ingredients, rather than packets with unrecognisable ingredients. 

Your body knows what to do with real ingredients.

Read the ingredients on the back of the packet.  If you don't know what it is, don't buy it.

Your body doesn't recognise these ingredients either, and doesn't know what to do with them. They confuse your hormones and hunger signals.

If you don't know how to cook, ask family or friends to help teach you some quick and easy recipes.  That way, you will know exactly what is in the food that you are eating.

Know that it takes time for changes to occur and be gentle with yourself.  Recovery is a journey!

Easy health changes
Easy health changes
Easy health changes
Easy health changes
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