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My practice is person-centred, which means that my focus is entirely on your needs, your preferences, your values and your health.

I provide compassionate care, which means that I am empathetic, nurturing and judgement free.


Together we concentrate on nutrient density and giving your body what it needs to repair and gain health, to reach your wellness goal.

No matter how difficult your health journey has been so far, there is always hope. 

Taking that first step is the hardest.  Get in touch!

No two bodies are the same, so why would we all eat the same?

I offer comprehensive testing, assessment, coaching and support to help you:










What my clients say

"Ali will always be a super hero to me and my family. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17 and I am currently 33. My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 12 years. BMI is a big problem when trying to receive fertility treatments with the NHS. One of the side effects of PCOS is retaining weight. I had tried all the standard diets and had some success but it didn’t get me anywhere near where I needed to be to receive treatment. I had felt I had run out of options so I started only eating 1 meal a day and a tin of beans . Again this only got me so far and not near my goal. I wasn’t at the weight level I could have IVF but I could start clomid. I managed to conceive on clomid but sadly lost the baby. My husband and I decided to go back to the drawing board, after much discussion we knew we needed a professional. We agreed I had done all I could on my own. That is when Ali came into our story. Ali listened to what we needed and what we had been through. She made me a 4 week meal plan that I could eat 3 meals a day with snacks. It was music to my ears not to be hungry all the time. She made me a diet that I could eat and still lose weight. It was bliss. I managed to lose enough weight to start IVF. We are currently at this moment 14 weeks pregnant with our first successful pregnancy. Ali has been such an instrumental part of our journey. We never would have had IVF without her and her expertise. She is kind, understanding, supportive and amazing. She 100% the type of person you want in your corner when you need help. I would recommend her to anyone. For whatever reason you are looking for a nutritionist you will have found the right person in Ali" SB, Swindon

New Client Starter Package

We start by taking a complete and thorough review of your health history, including assessment of current and past diet, lifestyle, genetic factors and nutritional imbalances. This helps me piece together the struggles you have gone through, to get where you are now, and the coaching and nurturing you may need going forward. I work on giving tools, information and autonomy to make positive change for life, rather than just a short term fix.

The next step is an Advanced Wellness Private Blood Test, with test analysis. This is a comprehensive health MOT, looking at risk factors that apply to you, such as thyroid, lipids, or blood glucose, so that with my support and guidance, you can adapt your lifestyle to improve your health. For example, we may consider higher protein, intermittent fasting, gluten-free, or a more Mediterranean style diet, depending on your needs.

We then have an Initial on-line consultation to discuss your current health concern, and a deep dive into your diet, lifestyle and historical factors, that may have contributed to your current health issues (approx. 90 min).

Next we have an Implementation Session (on-line).  This is where we discuss a plan moving forward, any issues or concerns and the how’s and why’s (approx. 30 min).

We'll get together for an on-line consultation on a weekly basis (30 min), for coaching, to review progress and weight loss, and to make any adjustments necessary.  Initially the focus will be on regaining control of your appetite and cravings, whilst fuelling your body with healthy eating: nutrient dense, delicious food, because satiety is key to long term success.


I may recommend supplements, but only after we have addressed food first. You cannot out supplement a poor diet.

In between times, I'm available via email or WhatsApp for support. 

There is always hope, so don't wait any longer.  Get the help you need and start the process today!

Why choose Nutritional Therapy?


What makes you individual is not just the food you eat, but the trauma you have experienced, your inherited genes, the lifestyle you choose, the family and friendships you keep and your own, special microbiome (the family of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that live inside your body). These factors are all interrelated to make up the jigsaw puzzle that is ‘you’.  Nutritional Therapy is about piecing this jigsaw together through science-based research, in-depth consultation, discussion and biochemical testing.  Where a piece of the puzzle is missing or damaged, nutrition and lifestyle factors are adjusted, sometimes with the help of supplements, to regain balance in the body, but food and lifestyle always come first.

As a Registered Nutritionist, I believe in proactive, preventative healthcare.  However, I never recommend nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice and always refer any client with ‘red flag’ signs or symptoms to their GP. 


I am fully qualified and insured, with a BSc in Nutritional Therapy from The University of West London and professional registration with the British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Management (BANT) and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  Prior to Nutritional therapy, I spent many years as a qualified, registered care manager, running homes for people with severe and complex needs. I draw from my experience of caring along with my pastoral counselling training to support, care and coach you back to health and vitality.

No matter how difficult your health journey has been so far, there is always hope.  Taking that first step is the hardest.  Get in touch!

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